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Thud Ridge

Page history last edited by Si Tyler 9 years, 6 months ago

This section will detail the Thud Ridge game "as is" as well as suggestions for local rules and amendments.


Opposing Forces

  • The US and DRV air effort involved in the game is described in Forces
  • We have also written a very basic guide for US Tactics and DRV Tactics  
  • For those looking for eye candy I have put together a collection of Downtown and Thud Ridge Images which may be of interest.
  • A minor complaint on the layout of the rules is that you have to search across the book to get all the stats needed.  I have collected a bunch together which might aid those building a new force here
  • To get a feel for the Thud Ridge game have at look at the Battle Reports for a couple of blow by blow small games (larger games will cover the turn activities and not phases). 



Thud Ridge requires the use of target markers.  These are used to mark both Tactical and Strategic targets which are used in the game.  Normally mounted on 30mm bases they can let a modeller display his skill.  If you every need inspiration on what a marker can look like have a look here http://s76.photobucket.com/albums/j17/wayswatcher/3mm%20Mustangs/

Johan has some of the most beautifully painted aircraft I have seen.  


Targets haven't been on my list to do so please wait out.


Thud Ridge Table

Thud ridge uses a simple table arrangement.  When you go through all the options in the book you end up with an arrangement something like the diagram below.  Some of the other Wings at War sets have a diagram but not so for Thud Ridge.


If you have a USAF only or a mixed force (which the game permits) then the table is the land portion of North Vietnam (in any of the route packages you wish but MiGs were only found in Pack 6).


Those who, like me, prefer a USN force the table arrangements give an approximation of operations around the coastal region like Haiphong.  It means at least that any bailers over the Gulf of Tonkin are likely to be rescued.




Thud Ridge Amendments and Suggestions

The game system is simple and elegant but nearly every wargamer wants their rule set to cover just that little bit more.  Thud Ridge is no different and you can look at our suggestions and amendments.

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