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CY6 Jet Age - Korea

Page history last edited by Si Tyler 12 years, 10 months ago

Korea air combat is what started me off in 1/600th.  Our first outing with Check Your 6 Jet Age, was a traditional MiG vs Sabre get up.  With the Air War Korea Scenario book on order from Caliver Books I've been back to look at some of my earlier models. 


First up is hopefully the 12 aircraft used in the Amen! Scenario (as book not yet arrived here's to hoping). This one is the F9F of Lt Cmdr Tom Amen who was the CO of VF-111 but in this engagement was flying 209 loaned from VF-112


The aluminium leading edges look almost white for some reason in the photos but they are defintely metal! 




Help for some of my 1/600th cousins out there on decals for the Air War Korea book. First up are the Sabres (yes cheesey but it is what grabbed my interest in the period in the first place).

I tried lots of different methods the main problem I had was finding a decent yellow which would cover.  I failed so went back to home made decals.

These have white decal paper markings which means the colour shows through.  Very simple straight bar shape which you cut to fit for the wing edges, the mould lines are off so I tried a couple of versions.  The fuselage stripes again are simple "L" shapes which wrap around, trimmed to fit.

These are still slightly over scale and because of the thickness of the tail I haven't done the Buzz numbers yet.

The tail is in scale so the getting the checkerboard to fit was fine.  The U.S. AIRFORCE and BuNo are on the decal itself

The white striped one has that as a small decal and the rudder strip again as a single thin black line decal.

90% Complete, need to do the canopies and varnish.

Oooops nearly forgot, I have gone to different painting regime as well.  Undercoat is GW Chainmail.  Then highlight with GW Mithril silver.  My early try outs were just too dark.

Early F-86A in the 4FIW scheme.  I have two of these the rest will be the 51 FIW scheme


This will probably be the most common scheme for my F-86s.  But as usual nothing is final 



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